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GoBe | Snack Spinner | Lunchbox

$63.96 Regular price $79.95
Gobe spinner lunchbox logo
by Gobe
Type: Lunchbox
Colour - Blueberry Blue

Sprinkle some personality onto your lunchbox by permanently engraving it with a name.


The brand-new GoBe Lunchbox, expertly crafted to deliver an abundance of snacking joy!

This innovative design, featuring a handy carrying handle, a bento compartment, and an integrated Snack Spinner combo, ingeniously consolidates everything into a single, user-friendly package.

Tailor-made for kids who embrace their on-the-go lifestyles, the GoBe Lunchbox is an impeccable choice for wherever their bustling schedules lead them. With its hermetically sealed compartment, food remains impeccably fresh, while the Snack Spinner boasts five distinct compartments to satisfy any snacking desire that strikes in the moment. Effortlessly assemble a diverse assortment of delectable treats for ultimate convenience and delight.

Includes the compact original Snack Spinner or the option to use your own! Dimensions: 11" in width, 2.25" in depth, and 6.6" in height (8.5" including the convenient carrying handle) Lunchbox compartment features an airtight seal to keep contents fresh Crafted from top-tier materials that are free from BPA, PVC, and Phthalates The components of the original snack spinner are dishwasher safe, while it's advisable to hand-wash the Lunchbox shell for optimal maintenance.