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Item Personalization

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A personal touch for your kids' and your belongings

Please note: Please go to the product you want page and add this option there so we can identify which product and what name you would like added to it.

Give your kids' or your belongings a unique and personalised touch with our custom personalisation service! At Creative Kids Lab, we offer you the opportunity to add names to your lunchboxes, snack boxes, water bottles, food jars and more ensuring lost items have a greater chance of finding their way home.

Permanent Engraving on Stainless Steel Items and some Plastics
Our laser engraving technology ensures meticulous etching of names onto various surfaces, including some plastics, glass, and stainless steel. This enduring mark ensures that both your items and the owner's identity remain easily discernible and personal, regardless of the adventures they embark on or the numerous cycles they endure in the dishwasher.

Resilient and Vibrant Labels for Plastic Items
When it comes to plastic items like lunchboxes, our top-tier dishwasher-resistant labels prove to be the optimal choice. Not only do we offer a variety of font options, but the white vinyl stands out vividly, ensuring clear and easy legibility.

Peace of Mind
For parents, it's paramount to make sure their child's possessions are readily identifiable, especially in the unfortunate event of misplacement. Engraving or labelling these items significantly enhances the chances of lost belongings finding their way back to your child. This straightforward and efficient method provides peace of mind and minimises the stress associated with missing items.

A Timeless Keepsake
Our personalised service is not just practical; it instills a sense of ownership in your child's belongings. Adding their name to each item makes it uniquely theirs, creating a gift that will be cherished for years to come. From the first day of school to special occasions and beyond, these personalised items become cherished mementos of their childhood.