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Solar Buddies | Replacement Sponge Heads | 2 Pack

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2 Pack of Replacement Heads for Solar Buddies

Experience the convenience of Solar Buddies, the award-winning child-friendly, refillable sunscreen applicators designed by moms, for kids! These innovative applicators take the hassle out of everyday sunscreen application, making it a breeze for both parents and children alike.

With Solar Buddies, applying your favorite sunscreen becomes a joyous ritual. The unique Rollerball and Sponge combination ensures that sunscreen is dispensed and evenly applied across the skin without any direct contact, eliminating the need for messy and greasy hands. It's a definite win for moms!

Why Choose Solar Buddies?

Solar Buddies are beloved by many for the following reasons:

  • Refillable: Reuse your favorite sunscreen over and over again.

  • Less Mess: The Rollerball and Sponge combo minimizes mess during application.

  • Less Waste: Say goodbye to disposable sunscreen applicators.

  • BPA & Latex Free: Safety is a top priority; Solar Buddies are free from harmful materials.

  • Holds 100ml: A generous capacity for your preferred sunscreen.

  • Travel-Sized: Ideal for hand luggage, ensuring sun protection on the go.

Most importantly, kids love using Solar Buddies and can even apply sunscreen themselves!

Why Replacement Heads?

Sunscreen has a shelf life, and the sponge can develop odours over time. With spare replacement heads, you can easily switch them out every couple of weeks. While one head is in use, the other can be washed and air-dried on the windowsill.

To maintain hygiene, we recommend washing the head with warm water (no soap) and leaving it to air dry completely.

Compatible with Most Sunscreens

Solar Buddies work seamlessly with most sunscreens. However, it's advisable to avoid using oily or watery sunscreens (e.g., sprays) as they may leak. Thicker sunscreens work perfectly, requiring only a little extra shaking to move the cream down to the rollerball dispenser.

Experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Solar Buddies – where there's no mess, no fuss, and only hassle-free sun protection for your little ones!