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Little Cino Social | Reusable Babycino Cup

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Colour - Deep Blue Sea

Little Cino Social: Reusable Babycino Cups for Your Little Ones

Introducing the Little Cino Social cups – the cutest and most eco-friendly solution for your little ones' babycino cravings!

If you enjoy sipping on babycinos with your tiny partners in crime but want to steer clear of the wasteful throwaway culture, look no further.

Little Cino Social is here to offer reusable cups designed especially for our youngest cino enthusiasts, all while maintaining a social conscience. Crafted from bamboo, these cups are not only adorable but also sustainable, as they can be used over and over again.

The designs are the brainchild of a talented Perth artist and have been put to the ultimate test by the most dedicated little cino connoisseurs. The verdict? They absolutely adore them, and we're confident that you and your little ones will too.

These cups aren't just functional; they also make the perfect little gifts, guaranteed to bring smiles to both kids and parents alike.

Complete Your Set:

Please note that straws are sold separately. If you're interested in adding a silicone straw to your Little Cino Social experience, you can find those available for purchase as well.