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b.box | 360 Cup | 250ml

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by b.box
Type: Training Cup
Colour - Ocean Breeze
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Introducing the b.box 360 Cup - the ultimate training cup designed to empower your little one's independent drinking journey!

With its innovative 360° drinking rim and thoughtful engineering, this cup is a game-changer for both kids and parents alike.

Let your child sip with confidence from the super-soft silicone, lip-activated drinking rim. The clever flow control feature ensures that the more pressure your little one applies, the more liquid flows. And here's the best part - the silicone rim seals closed when not in use, making spills a thing of the past. Say goodbye to messy accidents!

Designed for easy handling, the 360 Cup comes with wide profile handles that are perfect for little hands to grip securely. These handles offer two-mode functionality, making it ideal for use at home or on the go. Twist them down to expose the silicone rim for easy drinking, and then twist them up to lock and seal the cup, preventing any leaks. Whether it's in your bag or attached to a pram, this cup keeps everything mess-free and hygienic.

With its clear lid, the 360 Cup allows kids to see from the outside in, enhancing hand-eye coordination as they learn to tilt and drink. Parents can also keep a close eye on their little one's hydration, ensuring they stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

With a generous capacity of 250ml, this cup accommodates both cool and warm liquids, adding versatility to its already impressive array of features. And when it's time to clean up, worry not - all parts of the 360 Cup are dishwasher and sterilizer safe, saving you time and effort.

Available in four exciting and fun color combinations, the b.box 360 Cup is a joyous way to introduce independent drinking and nurture your child's self-reliance. Please note that the base of the cup is designed specifically for this product and is not compatible with other b.box bottles or cups.

Don't miss out on this clearance item! Grab the new b.box 360 Cup today and make training a breeze.

More Details
  • From 6m+
  • 360˚ design lets kids drink from anywhere around the rim
  • lip activated silicone seal helps control the flow, no spills.
  • wide, easy grip handles for little hands support independent drinking
  • two mode function; handles down drinking mode, handles up travel mode
  • twist-lock design is perfect for on-the-go, stops leaks and keeps drinking rim hygienic
  • clear lid lets kids see from the outside in and supports hand-eye coordination
  • clear cup base lets parents monitor water levels 
  • 250ml capacity
  • dishwasher safe (top rack only), steriliser safe
Care and FAQ


  • Microwave safe cup (do not microwave with lid attached)
  • Can be used with cool and warm drinks, up to a max 40°C. We encourage warming in 30 second intervals and testing first to ensure temp is okay.
  • Not recommended with carbonated or hot drinks
  • Separate all parts for thorough cleaning, and allow to dry before reassembling
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
  • Steriliser safe (max temp 100°C for PP cup, lid and handles, and 180 °C for silicone rim)
  • Always sterilise in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations


How do I open the 360 cup to fill with water? 

Ensure the handles are clicked down in drinking mode, simply twist the top anti-clockwise to remove and fill your cup. Then screw the top back on ready to drink. Remember to twist handles up for travel mode! 

How do I disassemble the 360 cup for cleaning? 

Your 360 cup pulls apart completely, into four separate pieces. Firstly, ensure the handles are clicked down in drinking mode, to twist the top off in an anti-clockwise direction. Then, remove the silicone seal from the top. Next you can twist the handles up and off the cup. Voila! All parts can be handwashed or placed in the dishwasher (top rack only). You can also sterilise for the littlies if you like, at the following temperatures: PP (lid, base and handles) up to 100°Celcius.  Silicone Rim - up to 180°Celcius.  

How do I reassemble the 360 cup after cleaning? 

To reassemble, first attach the handles to the cup by lining up the cup pins and handle's channels. Then, attach the seal to the lid, making sure the arrows on the inside of the seal and the arrows on the outside of the lid are facing the same way. Push the seal so that the thick bottom part of the seal sits neatly in the lid's groove labelled "bottom of seal". Lastly screw the lid onto the cup. It may sound a little complicated but it is super simple after you’ve done it a couple of times!  

Can I place the 360 cup in the dishwasher and/or steriliser? 

Yes, and yes! All parts of your 360 cup can be handwashed or placed in the dishwasher (top rack only). You can also sterilise for the littlies if you like, at the following temperatures: PP (lid, base and handles) up to 100°Celcius.  Silicone Rim - up to 180°Celcius. 

What age is the 360 cup suitable for? 

We recommend from at least 6 months of age until you’re confident that your tot can manage open cup drinking either at home or on the go. However, it goes without saying that this will vary and it’s important to follow your little one’s lead. Some tots may take to the 360 cup straight away, and other may need a few tries to get used to the silicone rim and flow so be patient and perhaps model it for them at first. The handles are wide so that kids can easily grip, but also so that parents can lend a hand in those early days to model the action of lifting and tilting too. 

Can I serve formula in the 360 cup? 

Formula can be served up in the 360 cup as long as it is fully dissolved. Clumped formula may cause obstruction and the seal to leak so it would be best to mix your formula and then pour into the 360 cup to avoid this. 

Can I serve breastmilk or milk in the 360 cup? 

Yes, you can serve breastmilk or cow’s/alternative milk in your 360 cup. The base is microwave safe so you can also heat to serve if you like. We recommend warming in 20-30 second increments and checking the temperature to ensure it is not too warm for your tot. 

Can I serve juice in the 360 cup? 

Taking guidance from the Australian Dental Association (ADA), we wouldn’t recommend giving young one’s juice or other flavoured drinks due to the risk of tooth decay. If however, on the odd occasion you choose to give your child some juice (or even better watered down juice) it can be served up in the 360 cup. Just be mindful of juice with pulp that may stick to the silicone rim, affecting the flow of liquid and requiring a more thorough clean.