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Subo | Food Bottle

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Subo Food bottle logo
by Subo
Type: Food bottle
Colour - Duck Egg Blue
ATTENTION Under 2 years olds: Recommend to add the Subo 5mm Straw Spout.

Introducing the 210ml Subo Food Bottle, an innovative and versatile solution designed to meet your specific feeding needs.

With its adjustable volume feature, this bottle offers a seamless transition from larger servings to smaller portions, catering to varying appetites.

Whether you're looking to serve pureed fruits, vegetables, smoothies, yogurts, or softer alternatives like cereals, oats, porridge, and even tinned spaghetti, the Subo Food Bottle is the ultimate multifunctional container. Its design promotes sustainability through easy refilling and reusability, making it an eco-friendly choice for caregivers.

Boasting a 210ml capacity, this food bottle is perfectly equipped for adaptable portion control. The original spout, featuring a 12mm opening, ensures convenient consumption. For enhanced flexibility, we offer a separate straw spout with a 5mm opening, an ideal addition for children under 2 years old. This thoughtful approach prioritises safety and comfort, making feeding time a hassle-free experience for both parents and youngsters.

When selecting the Subo Food Bottle, you're opting for more than just a container. You're choosing a companion that evolves with your child's nutritional journey. Embrace the convenience, versatility, and durability that the Subo Food Bottle brings to every feeding moment.

More Details
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (H) x 6 cm (W) x 6 cm (D)
  • Volume: max. 210ml (can be adjusted to smaller volumes).
  • Phthalate-free and BPA-free.
    Materials: PP, TPE, HDPE, Silicone (these materials may stain when in contact with certain foods)
  • Proudly certified Australian Made
  • Safety Standards: tested and certified to Australian and European standards (EN14350, AS 2070)
Care instructions

Please download the care instruction here