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Top Rated Lunch Boxes for Toddlers: The Best to Look For

Top Rated Lunch Boxes for Toddlers: The Best to Look For

Top Rated Lunch Boxes for Toddlers: The Best to Look For

Part of what you do as a parent is to make sure your child brings nutritious and delicious food to school. The challenge is to keep the food fresh and good to eat when lunchtime comes. The secret to a happy meal for toddlers is not just the quality of food you prepare. It’s also choosing the right lunch box. 

On the surface, you might be thinking that a quality lunch box won’t make a difference. In truth, it makes a big difference, especially when you want your child to stay nourished even when you’re away. It all boils down to the types of lunch boxes you’re getting. In this guide, let’s look into a few top-rated lunch boxes for toddlers your little one will open enthusiastically during recess. 

Convenient yet roomy, this compact lunch box is designed for tots with little hands and big appetites. The main compartment is perfect for storing sandwiches. However, the most interesting feature of the is a removable ice pack that can keep fruits and vegetables all day. On top of that, it has a stretch seal lid that allows you to pack entire fruits and vegetables without slicing them up into bite-sized pieces. 

The also comes in a snack box version. While smaller in size, this version offers an airtight seal which is perfect for bringing along on long travels without the risk of spilling. Either way, the could be the ideal lunchtime partner for your child!

Omiebox V2

Coming in at No. 2 is the Omiebox V2. Designed to carry both hot and cold food items, this versatile kids’ lunch box is near indestructible. Its BPA-free and durable construction is meant to withstand varying degrees of impact. Your child could take it to the park or run around with it and it won’t suffer any scrapes!

Apart from that, the Omiebox V2 could carry a variety of food in its roomy spaces. Its main compartment can hold entrees while multiple smaller compartments separate different foods and snacks. The best part about the Omiebox V2 is the insulated jar which is designed to secure hot soups and cold drinks, keeping them warm and chill all throughout the day. 


Designed after Japanese bento boxes, this silicone and ABS lunch box is built to last, keep food fresh for long periods, and minimize nutrition loss. The Yumbox features five leak-proof compartments that can carry substantial servings of soups, meats, grains, and other foods. In addition to these, there’s also a circular space for dips such as ketchup and sour cream. 

Due to its organized and intuitive layout, the Yumbox has garnered accolades, most especially the Good Design Award for a Children’s Product.  Lightweight and fitting most insulated lunch bags, the Yumbox deserves a spot among the best-reviewed lunch boxes for toddlers in the market!


When it comes to choosing lunch boxes for toddlers, it’s important to pick one that’s convenient and offers enough space for at least one item from every food group. In case you’re still not sure, then go for these top-rated options. For more innovative lunch boxes, go here.

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