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Sachi | Insulated Lunch Bag

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Colour - Gamer

The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag – the epitome of a fun and cool lunchtime accessory for kids.

This lunch bag not only stands out with its vibrant design but also boasts a range of practical features that make it a must-have for any young lunch enthusiast. Say goodbye to the days of disappointing lunches with spoiled sandwiches, unappetising brown fruit, and warm yogurt - the Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag is here to revolutionise mealtime!

Equipped with two dedicated pockets, this lunch bag ensures that utensils and lunch money have their designated spots, making it easier than ever for kids to keep track of their essentials. No more rummaging around for coins or misplaced forks and spoons – everything has its place.

But that's not all that sets this lunch bag apart. The thoughtful addition of a name label eliminates any confusion at school or on-the-go, ensuring that your child's lunch bag remains unmistakably theirs. No more mix-ups or accidental swaps – their delicious creations stay safely in their possession.

The bag's insulation keeps its contents at the ideal temperature. You can now bid farewell to warm yogurt and lukewarm meals. With the Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag, freshness is retained, ensuring that your child's food remains just as delightful and satisfying as when it was packed.

And let's not forget the style factor. This lunch bag is part of a delightful collection that allows for mixing and matching with coordinating insulated bags and reusable sandwich/snack bags. It's not just a lunch bag – it's a fashion statement that can be customised to your child's preferences, making mealtime an exciting and personalised experience.

Incorporate the Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag into your child's routine, and elevate their lunchtime experience with a touch of practicality, style, and innovation. Spoiled sandwiches and warm yogurt will be a thing of the past as your child embarks on a new era of enjoyable and fresh-packed meals.

Matches well with large and small lunchboxes including bbox, Omie, Yumbox 

More Details
  • BPA FREE – 100 % EVA Lining
  • Spacious and insulated interior to keep food fresh
  • Easy-to-clean and durable construction for long-lasting use
  • A convenient buckle handle allows easy attachment to your child’s backpack
  • Reliable zipper closure to secure contents and prevent spills
Product Specs

Weight: 9.1 oz

Dimensions: 7.9 × 4.3 × 10.6 in