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MontiiCo | Bento Two | Snack Box

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Type: Snackbox
Colour - Confetti
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Elevate your snacking experience with the MontiiCo Bento Two Snack Box.

Introducing the Bento Two, the ultimate snack companion for morning tea or when you're on the move. It's designed to be lightweight and perfectly sized for even the tiniest of hands!

Whether it's called Munch & Crunch, Crunch & Sip, or Brain Break in your school, our Bento Two simplifies the healthy snack break routine. Thanks to its removable divider, you can pack a diverse assortment of fruits and veggies to fuel their brainpower!

The Bento Two boasts individually sealed, leakproof* compartments that allow you to pack dry and wet foods side by side without any concerns about spoilage. This feature makes it ideal for snacks like crackers & dip or granola & yogurt!

For added convenience, you can include Silicone Bento Cups to make cleanup a breeze at the end of the day or to create even more sections within the two compartments. And did we mention that these Bento Boxes are all dishwasher-safe when placed on the top rack?

If you're looking for different sizes, each delightful print is also available in other dimensions. Pair it with a matching Bento Three or Bento Five for those with heartier appetites! The Bento Two fits perfectly in all of our Insulated Lunch Bags and can be placed alongside a Bento Three or Bento Five inside our MontiiCo Large Lunch Bag.

Materials & Measurements
  • Dimensions:12.3cm x 12.9cm x 5.6cm
  • Capacity: 500ml / 2 Cups of Food
  • Weight: 190g

Made of durable hard wearing BPA-free, food safe materials.

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe (top rack <40 degrees).

12 month manufacturers warranty.


Our Bento lunch boxes are leakproof for wet foods like dips, yogurts, and thick sauces. However, they're not leakproof for liquids such as salad dressings, soup, or sauces. To prevent any excess liquids from crossing over to other compartments of the lunch box when packing foods like watermelon or citrus, we recommend placing a folded-up paper towel at the bottom.