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Rock art painting using posca paint pens tutorial image

Rock Art with POSCA Paint Pens

Rock Art with POSCA Paint Pens

Learn to Create Stunning Rock Art with POSCA Paint Pens and Creative Kids Lab

Rock art has a rich history, with the oldest known example dating back over 17,000 years: a depiction of a kangaroo in Western Australia’s Kimberly region. Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been a resurgence in rock art, with communities encouraging both children and adults to create and share their own rock art treasures. Discovering these artistic expressions around the neighbourhood brings joy and a sense of connection.

If you're interested in joining this creative movement, here are some tips and tricks from the team to get you started.

1. Find Your Perfect Rock

The first step is selecting the right rock. There's no right or wrong choice, but consider the colour, shape, and size that will best suit your artistic vision. Smooth rocks with flatter surfaces are ideal as they are easier to draw on and help maintain the condition of your POSCA Pen tips.

2. Preparation

Before you begin, ensure your rocks are clean and dry, as dirt and moisture can affect your artwork. Plan your theme and choose rocks that complement your design. For instance, if you’re creating solar system rocks, select colours, textures, and sizes that resemble the planets. You might even prepare the background with a base layer of black acrylic paint to represent space.

3. Start Drawing

Drawing on rocks can be challenging, especially on smaller, rougher, or uneven stones. For beginners, larger, smoother rocks are easier to work with as the paint pen tip glides smoothly over the surface. Remember, rougher rocks are more abrasive and can wear down your paint pen tips more quickly. The good news is that POSCA Paint pen tips are reversible and replaceable in most of the range.

We recommend using the POSCA PC3M set of 8 paint  pens to get you started. Its versatile tip is the perfect balance of coverage with the ability to add detail.

POSCA paint is buildable, allowing you to layer colours. Start with the background, let it dry, and then build on top of it. Don’t worry about making mistakes, as you can paint over them or wash them off with water. Porous rocks absorb more paint and dry faster, requiring multiple layers, while smoother rocks take longer to dry, so be careful not to smudge the paint.

4. Finishing

Once your artwork is complete and you’re ready to make it permanent, apply two coats of spray varnish. Hold the spray can about 30 cm from the rock and spray in a constant, continuous motion for even coverage. You can choose between matte or gloss varnish, depending on your preference.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful, lasting rock art. Happy painting!

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